Feeling God’s love and running by faith on light feet

I woke up with the first alarm at 5:00 am and prepared myself for the usual Friday morning run. I distinctly remember turning my phone off with plenty of battery, but when I powered it up, there was zero battery life. I found Krista’s iPod, turned it on to find half the battery life and enough songs to keep me moving.

I laced up my shoes, got ready to go and the moment I hit play, the battery dropped to less than 5% and I knew that the distance I travel would tax that little amount before I even broke a sweat. So I psyched myself out and felt peace with the fact that I don’t /need/ music to do what I do and perhaps God wants my ears to be quiet so He can speak to me.

I left the house to a chilly morning - in the 30s with frost on the roofs of all the cars in the development - but I was comfortable. I hit the trail and adjusted my path because of the frozen and dangerous wood bridges. I figured going a little further wouldn’t kill me, so I began.

Early in to the run, I felt the tugging and discomfort of the enemy trying to discourage me and get into my head but I remained undaunted and prayed through it. I found my pace and rhythm and continued. My usual route takes me roughly 2.5 miles through pretty trails and natural surroundings. I kept the rhythm of feet-to-breath and tried not to think about it too much.

About half the way through my normal route, I felt it - the Lord was speaking to me, into my heart, ears and mind. It was incredible; I needed to be quiet and truly hear things. Among the things He told me is that He would make my feet lighter and I can go further than I’ve ever gone before.

I passed my usual turn to go back home and embarked on my ‘exercise’ of faith; He spoke to me under the crisp light of a bright morning moon. What I experienced next nearly brought me to my knees but I felt compelled to keep running, feet as light as He promised.

I felt the presence of my mother, who went to be with the Lord in 2008. I can’t explain how it sounded but I knew it was her, just like you know that someone is watching you or have a sense of deja-vu. In my extension of faith and break from the norm, I was treated to a wonderful gift.

My feet still light, I rounded the corner for the path home and felt the encouragement and love from my sweet Lord and my beloved mother cheering me on. The affirmation “I’m proud of you” reverberated my soul. I know for a fact that had I been wearing earphones and went my usual way, I would have missed out on this glorious occurrence; I was led to read Ephesians. When I got home, I did like I normally do - change clothes and sit down at the computer to unwind, and wait until it’s time to wake up Krista.

When I tried to use the computer, the keyboard wouldn’t type. The mouse worked, everything was connected, but I couldn’t type anything in any program. Internet browser, MS Word, even simple Notepad. It was brought to my attention in a still small voice that I was supposed to read Ephesians as soon as I got home.

I went to the car, got my Bible and read the entire book of Ephesians and it was eye opening, the things that were told to me on the trail and what I was reading meshed in an amazing way. I was specifically led to read Ephesians 1:9 (and10).

(9) He made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, (10) to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.

I was reminded of the strength we have as believers to the world and as people in relationships with one another - especially husbands and wives. When I was done reading the chapter, I gave thanks in prayer and went to the computer and it worked perfectly.

I don’t plan on forcing it or doing similar things to make the visit happen again. I want this to be like seeing a shooting star or making pleasant eye contact with a smiling baby in a car driving by.

I was given a gift this morning and I’ll never forget it. With light feet and a joyful heart, I got over the stumbling block of running my first 5k before the sun came up.

Enjoy the daily miracles and love people while you can.

- Troy Vera
April 5, 2012
(Good Friday)

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Comolli, 2002

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